About Us


4Front Advisors provides unparalleled support and access to the best practices and people within the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. 4Front is committed to providing advanced levels of professionalism and integrity, working only with those who wish to operate a best-in-class cannabis organization.

4Front has developed the most comprehensive set of operating policies and procedures available by leveraging the best practices of leading dispensary operators. 4Front has invested heavily in its support capabilities to ensure clients are operating most efficiently, while maintaining compliance with local regulations. These solutions have been developed according to principles followed by some of the country’s most successful retail chains, and tailored to the cannabis industry.


The talents of the 4Front Advisors team demonstrate a breadth of industry and professional experience. The team is intentionally multifaceted with expertise in legal compliance, legislative policy development, retail and business operations, project management, and retail training. We have been intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of two of the nation’s premier medical cannabis dispensaries. 4Front staff’s operational knowledge is the key to ensuring that clients are provided with the best resources available.

Aaron Burke

Operations Expert

Joe Feltham

Financial Analyst

Alison Grimmer

Director of Licensing and Regulation

Kris Krane

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Melanie McGraw

Corporate Training and Compliance Expert

Josh Rosen

Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Leise Rosman

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Nicholas Russo

Partner, Client Development

Don Schaefer

Partner, Implementation and Operations

Shaleen Title

Regulatory and Compliance Expert

Sam Tracy

Communications and Marketing Coordinator